HR marketing in modern organizations

In some countries, the HR-marketing profession (Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition Marketing, etc.) is very common, but there are still very few specialists in local companies.

The world is changing. The market is becoming different. And to remain effective and useful for their organizations, HR departments cannot ignore these changes.

Today, the war for talent is over, there is a war for people: everyone knows about the demographic gap, and according to the forecasts of many companies, in a few years the number of the working-age population will be far less than the production capacity in several industries.

More and more representatives of the “Y” generation are entering the labor market, these are people who do not want to work hard to reap the benefits someday. They want to integrate their professional and personal lives to live in the here and now.

Besides, we are all spoiled by the idea of ​​consumption. There is no product loyalty, there are no eternal products, and the market is full of offers. New items morally become obsolete as soon as they appear on store shelves. The idea of ​​a lifetime lease is also not current.

The communication environment has changed dramatically, communication channels have moved to the Internet, and the accessibility and speed of information have increased by several orders of magnitude.

The era of HR-marketing

The job market is evolving and the time when employers ran the ball can only be nostalgic. Yesterday, companies selected candidates, organizations were focused on meeting performance indicators, the fight for volumes and costs was fundamental, and people were seen as resources.

Today, companies are looking for a marketing idea to offer innovation to the bored consumer, the staff has become the main capital, and the right to choose the labor market has passed to the employee.

And the HR function itself should be seen not so much as a function that controls the performance of the company’s personnel, but rather as a function that controls the perception of the company as a brand in the minds of employees and the market, and to ensure that the quality of the company is consistent with the quality of the brand. The era of HR marketing has arrived. Reference: “HR and Marketing – two sides of one profession”,

The task of HR marketing is to build the correct positioning of the employer company and make a “trademark” a recognizable and beloved “brand”.

An employer brand is a set of emotional representations of the company as the best place to work in the minds of employees and candidates.

Positioning is finding a place in the minds of the target audience and creating such images and attributes that most profitably differentiate from competitors, make sense to the target consumer and meet their needs or expectations in the best possible way.

By Robert Brown

Robert Brown is a longtime manager of a technology organization and author of a management book. In his spare time, Mr. Brown helps students get a better education by helping to publish free study materials.

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