Presentation of the project manager to the stakeholders

Project management is a desired profession of millions of professionals around the world. Simply put, everyone wants to become a project manager.

To succeed in your career while you are still a beginner project manager you need to learn to present yourself well. In this article, we share an example presentation of the project manager to stakeholders and the director. You can use the ideas for your personal presentations in the office. Reference: “The certified project manager is meeting with his director for the first time“,

I’m happy to write you this email about your decision to work together and create a project together.

My name is Emily and I am the new project manager for your project and I will be the main person they will communicate with during the project.

I will give you detailed information and guide the project towards successful completion with minimal obstacles. I will work very carefully to maintain a strong balance between the threefold constraints in project management. More on the topic: “My first day as a project manager“,

I will balance time, resources, and quality, and you are expected to provide feedback on anything new that may arise as a requirement, for example.

Communication in such cases must be paramount because it is through communication that the whole project can be easily managed. I will look at all aspects that may affect our projects such as project plans, schedules, working with reports, and much more. More on the topic: “How a project manager increases the business value of his project“,

My strong quality is the efficiency that I can give to this project quality and to guarantee that the 3 factors will be fulfilled during the project implementation:

  • quality
  • timeliness
  • In line with business objectives

The responsibilities of the project manager

As a project manager, I will have the responsibility to show my strong leadership skills along with my strong management skills, as this is a leader on the front, which makes it possible for systems, people, and processes to come together in a wonderful world. to be more than successful.

I will keep an eye on the big picture and set tasks and activities in perfect accordance with this big picture. Categorization and efficiency are needed to plan what goes where and who does what in such close neighborhoods.

We will also discuss a move that will help you a lot in saving time, getting the most out of your decisions, and doing the essentials in a project. More on the topic: “A new project manager joins the team and projects of the organization“,

There is enough data about the circles in each project and the information is captured in almost every corner. Immerse yourself in this large amount of data and take only what you need, you can save time and resources and help you get on with your project faster.

Sometimes it is important to sift through all the inputs that come your way and just keep in mind or see the relevant inputs or data that can be used additionally.

Collaboration between the project manager and stakeholders

Working together between all countries will be a key factor for success. As I mentioned, I will need feedback when you have additional information about new requirements.

Our priorities are your needs and desires. Also, to give us information, if there will be people from your side who will also participate in our project and if there are third parties that you work with or would work with and think you will benefit from, please give us detailed information again. More on the topic: “The presentation of the project manager to the teams“,

As a project manager, I will be responsible for:

  • determining the methodology to be followed;
  • scope development;
  • identifying the activities needed to complete the results and linking the activities in their logical sequence
  • estimation of time and costs for activities;
  • developing schedules;
  • setting budgets;
  • risk planning;
  • developing quality assurance measures;
  • successful implementation of the project;

For me, live meetings are extremely important, especially in these different times and remote ways of working. For a very communicative person like me, it is a pleasure to have live meetings.

I will be happy for you to tell me how you prefer to communicate, as I guess your schedule is busy. Do you prefer online or live calls or written communication by e-mail, for example?

If I could share my opinion from my experience so far, it is that I find benefits even in mixed communication.

I find online communication much easier, but live meetings from time to time also have their benefits. In this line of thought, I would like to ask you if you think it is necessary to discuss our regular meetings and their format to have it planned in our calendars?

Presentation of the project manager to the director

Let me tell you a little more about myself. I have been working in the IT field for almost 5 years and my experience is built on various positions from management assistant to DevOps engineer.

I have worked in both a large corporation and a small startup company, and this has helped me build a very useful idea of ​​the differences and similarities.

I am a person who loves dynamics and uniformity is not inherent in me. I like to face challenges and take responsibility for any actions. I have a lot of sportsmanship and passion and this helps me to be organized and strict both in my work projects and in my life commitments.

I probably built this as a child, as I was a long-time dancer and national champion and this has helped me a lot to be disciplined since then. I like to plan my time and prioritize it.

And in this line of thinking, I would like to discuss with you what your expectations are for me, and possibly if there are time frames for some of them, I would be happy to share them with me to build a time plan?

I know it’s only been a week since I’ve worked for you, but I’d like to share that I’m a big fan of statistical observations.

In my previous work, I almost always found a processor metric to monitor and share with my teams and managers to track improvements and progress.

In this case, I would like to openly ask you if it is ok for you when I have a look at what I can do with such statistical observations, share them with you and get feedback.

This is one of the most important things for me – to receive feedback from my managers and bosses, as well as from the team I work with and all stakeholders.

On this topic, I am open to suggestions from you, how do you think it is best to share our feedback?

Also, I consider it a good practice to make a plan or the so-called Meeting minutes after each important meeting with specific Action items until the next one.

I plan to do the same for the meetings between us and to have clear activities and tasks that you expect me to happen until our next meeting or another pre-determined deadline.

I hope this sounds good to you too, and if you have another suggestion I am open to hearing and discussing them.

I would also be very happy if you could, if not today, then at our next meeting to tell me a little more about the culture of the company.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your valuable time to meet and get to know each other life, and I look forward to furthering communication between us.


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I have outlined a few things to discuss:

1. I see great opportunities in you and I am very glad that we are working together.

2. The time we have been working together has made me think about how many things we can learn and accomplish together.

3. Work is a lot and requires a lot of time and effort, but let’s work together, calmly, listen to each other and always be human and respectful.

4. Despite the difficulties, thank you for supporting me, for trusting me, for allowing me to be a team.

5. Last but not least is the financial side, but I will talk to management about how much you give and how much more you will give to review and if possible to stimulate, but let’s not forget that knowledge and experience makes a person full and strong in what he can and knows.

I will not waste your time anymore, I will let you work, if you need to talk I will be waiting for you at any time.

By Robert Brown

Robert Brown is a longtime manager of a technology organization and author of a management book. In his spare time, Mr. Brown helps students get a better education by helping to publish free study materials.

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